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Air Force flags

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Air Force flag

The official flag of the United States Air Force. Made with 100% long-lasting 200 denier SolarMax nylon material, these flags designed to resist fading and wear. Flags fly well in the lightest breezes, and dries quickly. Strong and durable, special parachute cloth treatment reduces sun and chemical deterioration. Made in the USA by Annin & Co., a proud member of the Flag Manufacturers Association of America.
United States Air Force official Air Force emblem flag. The flag is made of 100% Dupont Solarmax nylon. Comes standard with a canvas heading and 2 brass grommets.

The official flag of the United States Air Force is formed out on a blue background and consists of the US Coat of Arms, 13 white stars and the Air Force Seal. The thirteen stars on the flag represent the original thirteen colonies, the three stars on the top represent the Army, Navy and Air Force, which are the three departments of the National Defense Establishment. There is a bald eagle on the top of the logo surrounded by clouds. The cloud formation stands for the creation of a new firmament. The indoor Air Force flag will have gold fringe with a sleeve for the pole to slide through the flag.

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2 by 3 ft military - nylon $28.50
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4 by 6 ft military - nylon $57.50
5 by 8 ft military - nylon $76.70
6 by 10 ft military - nylon $190.00
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Annin's Nyl-Glo Flag Material Out Performs Other Nylon Flags.

  • Longest lasting nylon flag material available
  • Nyl-Glo flags fly in the lightest breeze
  • Brass gromets with canvas or rope threaded heading on all flags
  • Two rows of stiching on top and bottom hems creates a long lasting flag
  • Four rows of lock stiching with back-stich reinforcements
  • Best resistance to damaging ultraviolet radiation
  • Dense 200 denier nylon weave flag material
  • One year colorfast guarantee
  • Provides the brightest colors for a great appearance